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Our Safety Culture

Safety is a TEAM Effort


 We make safety a top priority, and we do not take shortcuts in our comprehensive safety program. We have mandatory safety meetings quarterly, and regularly celebrate safety-milestones company-wide. The safety of our drivers and the motoring public is paramount.  

Equipment & Training


 We have a 3-5 year trade cycle on all our leased tractors and five technicians rotating between locations to keep inspections and maintenance up-to-date.  In addition to new-driver training, we have quarterly safety training for all employees.

Electronic Logs


We have used EOBRs to ensure our drivers comply with all FMCSA guidelines since 2010.

Roll Stability Control


Our tractors are equipped with roll stability control which helps stabilize the tractor-trailer during a g-force event.

Collision Avoidance Systems


Our new tractors have collision avoidance systems installed which use the vehicle's foundation brakes to decelerate the truck when a pre-set following distance is compromised.

Lane Departure Systems


All of our cabs have lane departure systems installed to monitor the road ahead and alert drivers when the tractor crosses the paint stripes.

Safety Awards

Million Mile Elite


 We enjoy honoring our drivers who regularly meet (and exceed) safety goals and records company-wide. In November of 2014, we began a program honoring our drivers who have one, two, and three million safe miles without a DOT preventable accident.


Each million miles represents a decade of safe driving.  To put that in perspective: 1 million miles = 40 trips around the world's equator, 2 million miles = 80 trips around the world's equator, and 3 million miles = 120 trips around the world's equator.   


We have had 78 drivers who have achieved this impressive statistic, totaling over 144 million safe miles, since 1951! All drivers names are placed on a perpetual plaque in our Corporate Headquarters